Shared Space:

Available at $40 per year with a limit of 5 MB disk space and 150 MB of traffic per month. Space and bandwidth restrictions may (hopefully) be more lenient in the future.

Other features include:

  • Real Audio/Video Server
  • Java chat
  • FrontPage 2000 extensions
  • Autoresponders
  • SSL secure server
  • Email accounts
  • Discussion areas

Virtual Server:

Virtual servers may receive traffic at their own domain, such as www.your_ministry.org, or to avoid the cost of domain registration ($35/year) you may choose www.your_ministry.firstthings.net. The advantage of using a virtual server is that you will have greater bandwidth and more space to work with. Virtual Server Configurations are as follows:

25MB Storage, 1G Traffic

50MB Storage, 2G Traffic

75MB Storage, 3G Traffic

150MB Storage, 6G Traffic

300MB Storage, Unlimited Traffic

$12.95 / month

$14.95 / month

$15.95 / month

$19.95 / month

$24.95 / month

Virtual servers with their own domain name can receive mail at username@your_ministry.org.

Dedicated Server:

Dedicated Servers are the way to go for sites expecting over 200,000 page views per day. They provide increased responsiveness, gigabytes of storage and 100 Mbs burst bandwidth. Dedicated server configurations start at $200 / month.